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Making your marking dollars work harder is an opportunity. 

Let ideas and innovation be your competitive advantage by implementing unique approaches to communicate your message and engage customers...

Now is the time...Let's make some noise!



For Over 40 Years, we have assisted clients define their image through visual communications. And when your image is on the line, experience pays we combine experience and expertise with fresh ideas all to deliver a compelling look that can be effective throughout the full range of your marketing materials.


In todays' fast paced world, companies face a myriad of communications challenges-some obvious, and some undetected, that's why it's important to work with a creative firm that is trained and experienced in identifying as well as removing the obstacles of growth. We know the difference between a well executed concept, and one shot from the hip - it is only by standing out from the crowd that your message can and will be heard - so if this is your belief as well, then we have a strong foundation on which to build a professional relationship.


In a media saturated age, it's not enough to just repeat yourself… you need a message that's unexpected, perceptive and intriguing. Conformity is boring - it cannot and will not serve you well within the marketplace…any marketplace. Do what the competition is not willing to do, and you'll find things the competition hasn't even thought of... 

For SLAVEN DESIGNS Inc. customer satisfaction and success is the drivingforce behind what we do, after all- we never forget that the essence of our business is YOUR BUSINESS!

Have we worked with companies or organizations like yours?

First of all there is no company like yours... and we understand that. With that being said, we have worked with businesses in virtually every industry and numerous non-profit organizations, so we likely have at least a rudimentary knowledge of your playing field. We offer a full scope of identity, design and marketing services.